squishkit 3


get the ultimate squish experience (and best value for money!) with one of our best-selling SquishKits.

SquishKit 3 contains: 1 x Smoosh 50ml, 1 x limited edition tortoiseshell hair bobble, 5 x Cheeky Cherry masks, 1 x Flower Power Acne Patch pack, 1 x Jelly Lip Gloss, 1 x hair bobble, 1 x squish pouch & 1 postcard, delivered in a cute squish box.


1 x Smoosh 50ml

includes a 50ml jar of smoosh - our exciting new moisturizer in a glass tortoiseshell jar.


5 x Cheeky Cherry masks

we designed some of the squishiest eye masks on the planet, plumped full of hyaluronic acid & calming jojoba/lavender oil. perfect for relaxing!


1 x Jelly Lip Gloss

our vegan, balm-like gloss formula is kind to skin and cruelty/paraben/sulphate free. 

1 x Flower Power Acne Patches

our best-selling flower acne patches are made from hydrocolloid - a gentle ingredient that helps pull fluid out of blemishes.


1 x Squish pouch

our reusable, biodegradable squish pouches are perfect for storing your squish goodies/tampons/keys in. available in purple, orange or pink.


2 x hair bobbles

includes not one, but TWO cute hair bobbles: - one regular squish bobble in either red, orange or purple; and a limited edition tortoiseshell one.