SquishKit 2

what dreams are made of.

get the ultimate squish experience with one of our SquishKits.

SquishKit 2 contains: 3 x Cheeky Cherry masks, 1 x Flower Power Acne Patch pack, 1 x Jelly Lip Gloss, 1 hair bobble, 1 squish pouch & 1 postcard, delivered in a cute, recyclable squish box.

3 x Cheeky Cherry masks

the face mask of dreams! chill & relax with three of our amazing and unique cherry eye & cheek masks, which reaches the areas other masks don't.

1 x Jelly Lip Gloss

hydrating. nourishing. we're not gonna lie, our lip gloss is pretty damn good - paraben, petroleum & cruelty free.

1 x Flower Acne Patches

cover your zits in style with one of our flower power acne patches -
non-drying, non-irritating patches made with hydrocolloid that gently absorb and remove fluid from a blemish.

not ready to commit to the kit? buy our singles instead

1 x Jelly
Lip Gloss


3 x Cheeky Cherry


1 x Flower Power Acne Patches