about us

Hi everyone!

I’m Charli - a model, author, body positive activist & now founder of Squish, a cheeky, hydrating & inclusive skincare brand i’m really proud to bring to the market.

Skincare shouldn't be boring. Me and my business partner, Ben, worked on creating a brand that celebrates diversity & aims to help everyone accept & have fun with their skin.

Squish was born when I couldn’t find an eye mask that de-puffed the key areas of my face. I don’t know about you, but I find most eye masks don’t really do much for the puffiness around my cheeks. So, after a bit of sketching on a post-it note (and numerous rounds of testing), the Cheeky Cherry Eye & Cheek mask was born!

Around the time we started working on Squish, my sister went on roaccutane - a really strong drug for acne which dries out every part of your body - and I discovered that a lot of skincare products absorb moisture, rather than distributing it.

I myself have suffered with acne over the years (not to mention TONS of other models I know), and I’ve learnt just how beneficial hydration can be - not only for people with blemishes, but for people who deal with side effects of every day life, like commuting, partying & even air con.

With that in mind, we started working on our non-sticky, hydrating & moisture-retaining Jelly Lip Gloss, which won't dry out your lips, as well as our super cute, non-drying Flower Power Acne Patches, which help bring whiteheads to the surface.

Imagery is important, too. I believe young people should see REAL skin, which is why we’ve chosen not to retouch any of our models’ bodies. I really wanted customers to see so-called 'flaws' like acne, love handles, scars and cellulite photographed in a beauty campaign, as these things are very often photoshopped out.

We’ve used 19 models for our launch (20 if you include Udon the dog), varying from a size 0 to a size 20, as well as featuring numerous skin colours, genders and ethnicities. We're still working on it, but if a small start-up like us can book a diverse range of models, then so can these brands with mega $$$ to spend.

I really hope you like Squish and remember to tag the brand on Instagram at @squish.beauty with the #lovemysquish hashtag - I’d love to see your selfies!

love, Charli xoxo